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i was put on metformin and within 3 Buy months my hair started thinning when i realized what might be causing it, i stopped the metformin and within a month or two it stopping falling out.

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i am 48yrs old and ive bn taking atorvastatin,for about 3-5 yrs and 2 yrs ago was diagnosed with type2 diabetes, and was put on metformin, i had a allergic reaction and was rushed to the hospital when then was placed on humalog and glipizide another med emergency with the humalog well still on the atorvastin and knew nothing till abt 2 months ago when i was changed to another med for chlolesterol, yet still didn t realize this was the reason for me having diabeted know and had to have a thyroidectomy as well ive bn thru a heck of a lot because of this drug, this junk surely has reduced my life unable to work and Pills been fighting for disability for 7 yrs now and being denied over and over again, i hope i don t die before i see this mess to an end.

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lactic acidosis is not listed as a side effect on the fda label for actos, but it is listed on the labels of actoplus met online and actoplus met xr, which contain metformin.

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