By Julien Rappeneau
Release March 9th 2015

Rosalie Blum


Director Julien Rappeneau
Screenplay Julien Rappeneau
Cast Kyan Khojandi, Noémie Lvovsky, Alice Isaaz, Anémone, Philippe Rebbot
Producers Michael Gentille (The Film) & Charles Gilibert (CG Cinéma)



Vincent Machot lives in a small country town of France. He’s sharing his life between
his own hair salon, an over-possessive mother and his sex maniac cousin Laurent.
On a Sunday morning, as he’s riding across the town to find an opened minimarket,
Vincent experiences a strange sense of déjà-vu when he meets the gaze of the
lady at the grocery. Where could he have possibly met her ? Irresistibly, Vincent starts following the
woman to unravel the mystery.


CAST (technicians)


Line producer Frédéric Blum
Director of photography Pierre Cottereau
First assistant director Alain Braconnier
Post-production Manager Hélène Glabeke
Sound engineer
Editor Stan Collet
Unit designer Marie Cheminal
Costume designer Isabelle Pannetier
Stage manager Laurent Perrot