Affiche CLF

Release France 28 June 2017



Director Sou Abadi
Screenplay Sou Abadi
Cast Felix Moati, Camélia Jordana, William Lebghil, Anne Alvaro, Miki Manojlovic
Producer Michael Gentile
Coproducers France 2 Cinéma, Mars Films
Distributor Mars Distribution
International sales
Playtime (ex Films Distribution)



Armand and Leïla, are in love. Together they plan to go on their graduate internship to New York. But few days before their departure, Mahmoud, Leila’s big brother, comes back from his long-term stay in Yemen, during which he has changed drastically. Wanting to reframe Leila’s life, that he judges indecent, Mahmoud decides to confine his sister and stray her from her boyfriend. How can Armand free Leila, who refuses to call the police?
For his friends, Armand has no other choice – if he wants to sneak in Leila’s apartment – he will have to wear a chador… The next day, a new woman in chador walks through Paris… Her name is Shéhérazade…




Production manager Vincent Lefeuvre
Director of photography
Yves Angelo
First assistant director Nicolas Cambois
Post production manager
Hélène Glabeke
Sound engineer
François Waledisch
Editor Virginie Bruant
Unit designer
Denis Gautelier
Costum designer
Justine Pearce
Stage manager
Karine Petite