by Nicolas Saada
January 2009


Release date 28 Janvier 2009
Genre Espionnage, romance
Length 1h35
Director Nicolas Saada
Writer Nicolas Saada
Cast Guillaume Canet, Géraldine Pailhas, Stephen Rea, Archie Panjabi, Vincent Regan, Alexander Siddig, Hippolyte Girardot
Producer Michael Gentile
Co-producer Studio 37, Mars Film, France 2 Cinema
Distribution Mars Distribution
World-sale Kinology



Vincent ,thirty years old, works in baggage handling in an airport. He lives with his girlfriend, Corinne, and has dropped his studies, in which he excelled. With one of his colleagues, Gerard, Vincent regularly goes through the baggage looking for things to steal. One evening Gerard comes across a suitcase belonging to a Syrian diplomat. He manages to open it, but it explodes in his face. The owners, two mysterious looking men, arrive to retrieve the bag with no questions asked. Vincent is witness to the whole scene. After this incident, Vincent is soon contacted by Simon from the DST, the French Secret Service, who asks Vincent to help in the enquiry. Vincent at first refuses, and denies any knowledge of the incident. However, he is finally won over by Simon’s reasoning. Very quickly Vincent’s life is turned upside down. Unsure if Simon has been straight with him, he is nevertheless impressed by what he heard and begins to question his ‘ordinary’ life. He breaks up with Corinne very coldly, even though they were supposed to buy an apartment together. That same night an intruder breaks into Vincent’s apartment and attempts to kill him. He manages to escape and, having narrowly escaped death, Vincent understands there is no going back. He contacts Simon. Simon gives Vincent a mission in which he will be key. In London the MI5 have been surveying a Businessman, Peter Burton, who has close ties with a number of Syrians who could be connected to the explosion of the diplomatic suitcase. Vincent will need to befriend this man in order to expose the network behind him.



Director of photography Stéphane Fontaine
Line up producer Jacques Royer
Line up producer (UK) Bertand Faivre
Stage manager Marie-Hélène Labret
Location production manager Marie-Hélène Labret
1st assistant director Emilie Cherpitel
2nd assistant director Elliot Matthews
Script Marie Leconte
Sound engineer Cyril Moisson
Costume designer Caroline de Vivaise
Make-up artist Laurence Grosjean
Editor Arnaud Plé
Music Cliff Martinez
Musical supervisor Mathieu Sibony