based on a novel by Atiq Rahimi, Syngue Sabour

Release in theater : 20 February 2013

Prix Goncourt 2008


Director Atiq Rahimi
Writers Jean-Claude Carrière, Atiq Rahimi
Cast Golshfteh Faharani, Hamidreza Javdan, Hassina Burgan, Massi Mrowat
Producer Michael Gentile
Co-production Corniche Group, Studio 37, Razor Film (Allemagne), Arte France Cinéma
Associate Producer Lauraine Heftler
Distribution Le Pacte
International Sales Le Pacte



In a room, somewhere in Afghanistan, a woman watches over her husband, a fighter immmobilized by a bullet in his neck. Is he able to hear ? See? At first, she prays to bring him back to life, but she recalls the past – her forced marriage, her sister sold to an old man, the inflexible honour of her family and the never-ending fratricidal wars. She fears her husband, his inert body, she whispers senseless things, fragments of affection, of lost illusions. In an apocalyptic loneliness, the woman unveils, reveals herself to her own self, becomes aware of her body thanks to her aunt, and thanks to a young soldier’s love.




Line Producer Philippe Gautier
1st Assistant Director Vincent Canaple
Post-Production Managers Isabelle Morax and Vincent Alexandre
Director of Photography Thierry Arbogast
Editor Hervé de Luze
Production Designer Erwin Prib
Sound Engineer Dana Farzaneh Pour
Sound Editor Noémie Hampel
Sound Mixing Lars Ginzel
Original Soundtrack Max Richter





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